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Hello and welcome to Heartfelt Poetry. These are poems I have written for and about my family and friends. I hope you enjoy them. Do not use any of these poems without my permission. Thank you. Linda Looney..aka ...Lady Archer

To My Husband

To My Eldest Child

To My Second Son

To My Eldest Daughter

To My Youngest Son

To My Youngest Daughter

To Ricky

Good_Bye Ricky

Amazing Grace

To My Dad

To My Mom

A Lament

To Pop Pop

To Great Grand Mom

To My Grand Dad

To My Grand Mom

Grand Ma's Lessons

The House on the Hill

To You With Love

I Pray For You

I Wish For You

Hello My Friend

Free The Midi

For My Online Friends

From My Heart

The Day the Music Died

Don't Take Christ Out of Christmas

My Online Friends

You're Very Welcome

I Care

Can't Forget

I've Been Blessed

My blessings


Missing You

Lord Thank You


Have You?

I Know Someone

Hard Life

Just Me


Meet My Jesus