This was written by Linda Looney Please, do not take without permission

The Day The Music Died

november 13, 2000

The day the music died

As I watched my son delete his work

Inside dry tears I cried.

Music of midis are only sounds

No true instruments played

No one singing not a word

Not one true song displayed.

What happened to our country?

Now we're over run with greed?

Lawyer's making a quick buck

Regardless of the need.

Free the Midi; People of the internet

There is a petition just sign it

Bring the Midi back to the people

It only takes a minute.

So many once had music

Offering to share it

Just to have something to listen to

A minute. Can't you spare it.

By the time you've read this

You could have signed it twice

Oh, to have the music back

Now wouldn't that be nice?