This was written by Linda Looney Please, do not take without permission

Esther Elizabeth Bullard

My Youngest Child

You are my last child; small and petite

Oh, how you hate your size

You have so many issues within

Wish you could realize.

You've so many talents

You're pretty and you're small

Good things do come in small packages

Everyone cannot be tall.

You've written wonderful stories

Your poems are moving when read

You're a very gifted person

There's imagination in your head.

You were always feminine

Pants you hated to wear

You loved to dance and sing

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

You were always making believe

Putting on shows outside

Oh, my younget daughter

In you I have much pride.

May every dream you dream

Come true for you

May you use your talents

To bring other's pleasure too.